Wisdom 101Learning From Those Who Have Withstood the Test of Time

“This is what 109 years young looks like- what a powerful thing to be able to hold the hand of someone who has seen so much life. I’ve always said- you are doing yourself an injustice by not allowing our elderly to teach you, guide you, and show you what life truly is all about. We can learn so much from someone who has lived 109 years on earth. ❤️❤️❤️” -Heather Thompson

Posted on LinkedIn by Heather Thompson, Vice President of Hospice at Ultimate Home Health and Ultimate Plus Hospice, Compassionate Hearts Foundation, Rowlett, TX

“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.” – Andy Rooney

Seniors have generally lived an interesting, eventful life. They have lived through many changes and experienced the ups and downs that these changes bring. Spending time listening to an elderly person, whether it’s a relative or a home care client, can open up a treasure chest of interesting stories and wisdom. Hanging out with them and learning about how they coped, what they did, how they thought and lessons that they learned can offer the listener some very valuable life skills.

Unexpected Changes

Many of the changes that our older generation has been through meant that they had to learn to adapt quickly. Imagine living through a world war, living with food rationing, or living through a depression without many of life’s necessities and no luxuries. Adapting to change is a valuable life skill that younger people today can benefit from learning.

Being Frugal

The majority of seniors are quite frugal when it comes to spending money, wasting food and resources. War rationing and a great depression will certainly teach you to be economical. We can all learn from this today. Saving money and refraining from buying things that we don’t really need can help us all in the long term.

Living Without Screens

Before home computers and laptops, smartphones, tablets and television, people found other ways of entertaining themselves. They learned crafts and took up hobbies. People got to know their lifelong friends outside the home, in-person, not on a screen. Plus, it got them up and out, keeping them active and lowering the risk of health issues that come from sedentary lifestyles.

The Lesson of True Happiness

Money, material possessions and job titles do not bring lasting happiness. They may make us happy for a while, but happiness is not sustained because it depends on too many outside motivators. We can lose them as fast as we attain them. True happiness can only come from within us. An enduring, joy-filled life comes from being true to oneself and aligning morals and values with everything in our lives.

Something To Consider…

Although our elderly loved ones have a wealth of life experience, knowledge, and wisdom, far too many of them suffer from loneliness. This loneliness is detrimental to their well-being and their mental health. If you have an older loved one who would love some companionship to enjoy their hobbies and interests with, get in touch with them often, spend time with them and let them know that they are valued. You’ll be surprised at the valuable lessons you might learn.

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“Those who respect the elderly pave their own road toward success.” – African Proverb

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