Summer Travel Tips for Seniors

Summer is here and that means vacation time, trips to the beach, travel to fun resorts and time with family, friends and loved ones. In order to have a fun, safe summer, Allcare Home Health Agency, Inc. has put together some simple tips to ensure that everyone, including our senior loved ones, has an enjoyable time.

Planning is important, especially for families who will have elderly loved ones traveling with them.

Here are a few suggestions to put in place prior to departure:

Travel with Seniors

  • Schedule a visit to your senior loved one’s doctor. A quick checkup and a “thumbs-up” from the physician offers peace of mind and reassures the family and the senior that he or she is well enough to take the trip.
  • Make a list of supplies to take on the trip. Be sure to put the senior’s medications at the top of the list. Plan accordingly. If you’re going to the beach or a place where you will spend time outdoors, remember to list a sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses, beach shoes and plenty of bottled water. The best time of day for seniors at the beach is early morning. Late morning through early evenings should be limited or avoided all together as seniors may become dehydrated quickly and fragile skin burns easily in the sun.
  • Look for discounts! Most of the time, seniors receive discounts. Plane fares, hotel discounts, park entrance tickets and restaurants almost always offer senior discounts which can help cut travel costs. Always ask if a senior discount is offered.
  • Consider hiring a caregiver for seniors who need a little more assistance. Many home health care agencies offer respite care or offer the service of caregivers as travel companions for seniors who need extra attention. Hiring a caregiver or home health aide allows family members an opportunity to take a break, relax and enjoy time with the kids knowing that their senior loved one is being monitored and kept safe. An extra pair of eyes and loving hands are always good to take along on the trip!
  • If driving, consider travel time, distance and time of day. Planning a short trip is always a better choice when traveling with seniors. Be sure to include extra time for restroom stops and always select a safe area to stop.
  • Take it easy! Seniors don’t move as quickly as younger family members. Getting up in the morning, showering and dressing, moving from one spot to another, eating, etc. all takes extra time. So, plan the day’s activity accordingly so that everyone has a great time.

Planning ahead and scheduling is always a good idea when vacationing with elderly family members. Knowing that they are safe and comfortable allows the whole family to enjoy a fun time!

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