Senior Care Observances: Family Health and Fitness Day

Senior Care Observances: Family Health and Fitness Day Physical Health and Wellness are important goals within your senior care plan for your elderly loved ones, but this pursuit is not just about making sure that your aging parents an\or other loved ones stay strong, healthy, and active. You should also focus on keeping yourself, your partner, and your children in their best condition so that you can all live happy, active, and engaged lives no matter what point in life you are at, or what challenges you are facing.

On September 26, turn your focus from keeping your parents healthy and fit, to keeping your entire family healthy and fit on Family Health and Fitness Day. This health holiday is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the ways that your family can work together to improve your physical health and fitness, integrate exercise and healthy eating into your regular plan, and make health and fitness a fun lifelong adventure that will bond you as a family and improve you as individuals.

Try these ideas for involving your entire family in the pursuit of health and well being on Family Health and Fitness Day and the rest of the year:

  • Attend a health fair – Health fairs are popular events for Family Health and Fitness Day, and are the perfect opportunity for you to bring your entire family to a fun experience that gets you active and helps you learn more about how to pursue health and fitness across a lifetime. Be ready to participate in exercise classes, obstacle courses, and seminars, as well as shopping that lets you discover new products and try them out so you can find ones that may enhance your care efforts for your seniors, your children, and yourself.
  • Have a field day – Field days were probably your favorite days when you were in school, and you can recreate all of that fun while encouraging better health and fitness for your family by hosting one of your own. Whether you want to call it your family field day, family Olympics, or anything else, plan several different physical activities such as races, kickball, obstacle courses, or hikes, and head out with the family for a day of exercise and bonding.
  • Dedicate your diet – Making even simple changes in the way your family eats can add up to a major difference in their health and well being. Get together with your family and come up with changes so you can commit to improving your health and well being starting with the youngest generation. Make this something that you are all going to do together to improve yourselves and your family, which allows you to support and encourage each other, and provide accountability. Start with small changes like eating two more servings of raw fruit or vegetables each day, eliminating soda, or starting a Meatless Monday tradition.

Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out about Family Health and Fitness Day events, and to learn about hiring a senior care provider who can enhance your care for your seniors and help you to pursue your health and wellness goals for them throughout your care journey.

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