Proper Nutrition Is Especially Important For Seniors

Maintaining a healthy diet can be a challenge for seniors. As a senior’s nutritional needs change the motivation and ability to prepare healthy and fresh meals may also change. Some seniors are physically unable to ensure their meals are fresh and healthy and others lack the energy to prepare several meals a day, especially when they are cooking for just themselves.

Our qualified staff at Allcare Home Health Agency understands the nutritional challenges of many seniors and is committed to helping our clients maintain healthy eating habits. Our team works with our clients to ensure they benefit from and enjoy fresh and balanced meals designed especially for seniors.

When developing meal plans for seniors here are some of what we recommend:

  • Plenty of whole grains – whole grains are essential for proper digestion and help protect your heart. Choosing whole wheat bread, brown rice, and whole grain cereals instead of refined grains and white bread is a simple way to increase the intake of whole grains.
  • Choose high-fiber foods – eating plenty of high fiber foods each day helps maintain a healthy weight, reduces the potential risk of heart problems, and promotes healthy digestion.
    Whole grains and raw fruits and vegetables are excellent options when  looking to increase fiber in a diet.
  • Increasing protein – protein helps build and maintain muscle mass as well as providing fuel for daily activities. Choose protein from a variety of sources including lean meats, poultry and fish, eggs, beans, and dairy products.
  • Opt for fortified foods – seniors need plenty of calcium and vitamin B12. These are available in supplement form but can also be found in fortified food products such as milk, yogurt, etc. that are designed to help boost intake.
  • Drinking plenty of water – staying hydrated is essential for overall physical health. Seniors should cut down on caffeinated beverages and opt to drink more water instead. Eating soups, melons, grapes, and cucumbers is another great way to increase the amount of water consumed.

At Allcare Home Health Agency, we are proud to serve the needs of our clients, including developing meal plans for seniors. Contact us today by calling 919-301-0236 or send an email to to learn more about the variety of services we provide.