MANAGING DEMENTIA CARE Family Caregiver Challenges and Options

If you have ever cared for a family member with dementia, you will no doubt understand the challenges of dealing with their in-home dementia care on a daily basis. At Allcare Home Health, we understand the difficulties and stress facing family members dealing with this condition and we’ve put together some valuable information for these very special family caregivers.

Challenges of Assisting a Loved One With Dementia
In the early stages of dementia, most people can usually continue with life as usual. However, as the condition progresses family members will need to begin considering a long-term plan for their loved one’s in-home dementia care. You may notice that your loved one becomes easily confused or agitated and even fearful of being alone due to their memory loss. It is important to reassure them and let them know that you understand what’s happening and they will not be alone in this journey.

Begin to put a solid plan in place. Sometimes dementia progresses slowly and sometimes it progresses quickly. Every case is different so be prepared. It’s important to offer assistance to your loved one as things progress. Keeping them as active as possible can sometimes slow the progress. Maintaining social and family ties, doing things that improve cognitive function such as making a memory book, doing puzzles, or playing card games. Physical exercise, such as taking walks, is also sometimes good for slowing cognitive decline.

Managing DementiaOffer your loved one assistance with everyday tasks such as shopping, gardening, walking the dog, housecleaning, laundry and cooking. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many people with dementia don’t eat or drink enough. Be sure to monitor for this throughout the day to avoid any health problems as a result.

While you may have every intention of providing all of your loved one’s assistance during this journey, we understand that it is critical for family caregivers to get a break from time to time and to go on with their own lives and responsibilities. We all lead busy lives and most family members need to retain their jobs or care for children while caring for a loved one with dementia. Allcare Home Health Agency, Inc caregivers are here to provide in-home dementia care for your loved one if, and when, you need us. Our team is trained in dementia care and can be there for your loved one when you can’t be.

Bringing In Assistance From Qualified Professionals
Caring for dementia is highly complex and it is one of the areas that we focus on in providing our experienced caregivers with ongoing in-service training. This is to ensure that they are providing the highest quality care for your loved ones. Our aim is to help individuals in the Raleigh/Durham area to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Home health care offers a safe, comfortable, healthy alternative to a nursing home or care home and we focus on offering each client personalized, quality service. We understand that no two cases are the same, so our experienced RNs are here to create an individual plan of care tailored to your loved one’s needs. This offers your family peace of mind and allows you to return to being a loving spouse, son, or daughter rather than a sole caregiver.

Round-the-Clock Care
Our in-home dementia care services are available around the clock if needed, and because we do not offer live-in services, our overnight caregivers are awake to monitor and provide comforting care and safety to your loved one.

As dementia progresses, seniors sometimes wander, putting their safety at risk. Overnight care or 24-hour care provides your loved one with one-on-one attention while keeping them safe and comfortable in their own home.

Respite Care
We know how tough caring for someone with dementia can be on their family members. Allcare Home Health Agency, Inc offers respite care on an as-needed basis, allowing family caregivers to exhale and recharge, giving them a physical and mental break from the stresses of caring for a loved one. Our team is here to help when the time comes for that well-earned vacation or a few days of much-needed rest.

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