Helping Seniors Overcome Holiday Depression

Holiday TableSeniors especially are prone to feeling sad during the holidays. They are more aware of the passing of time and the absence of parents, siblings, and friends who have died. Holidays can be the backbone of relationships in the histories of our lives. During the holidays, seniors are more aware of their loss of independence, financial limitations, separation from family and friends, or loss of mobility. Hiring a reputable home care agency during the holidays can help by providing a companion who offers your senior loved one assistance with activities of daily living. We compiled a few suggestions for your loved one to help them combat the holiday blues.

Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Blues

  • Be thankful and positive – Listing things that you’re grateful for can help shift your focus from sad or negative thoughts to happier, more positive ones, according to Psychiatrist, Daniel Amen, author of “Feel Better Fast and Make It Last”. For seniors, practicing gratitude has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression and increase life satisfaction and happiness.
  • Maintain healthy habits – Overindulgence is a common pitfall during the holidays, whether it’s eating too much, drinking too much, or spending too much. Try sticking to a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, veggies, and protein. Keep sweets and fatty treats to a minimum. Allcare caregivers can help with healthy meal planning and preparation.
  • Be Active – Exercise is a great antidote for anxiety and depression. If possible, go outdoors for a daily walk. If health or the weather makes that impossible try some easy stay-at-home exercises, like walking in place. Our trained caregivers offer assistance with ambulation while keeping their clients safe.
  • Get Involved – Ask your senior loved ones for their input in the holiday activities.
  • Get Some Sunshine – At this time of year, sunshine is in short supply, which can add to a person’s gloomy feelings and blue mood.
  • Create Your Own Way to Honor Your Loved Ones – Try not to dwell on your sadness but instead, honor their memory by setting a place at the table for them, donating money in their name to a cause they cherished, or continuing a shared tradition.

The holidays can be difficult for some seniors, but Allcare Home Health can help. Let us schedule a helpful companion or caregiver, to make a tough time a little easier. Call us today at (919) 301-0236 to learn more about our home care services.